Our History

In 1981, a small group of physicians began a nephrology practice in Fort Worth, TX. They shared a common vision of providing exceptional, accessible and efficient care to their patients. Over the next 30 years, Tarrant Nephrology Associates established itself as a significant and trusted provider of specialty care. The reputable practice grew to serve outpatient clinics, hospitals, dialysis centers, and vascular access centers throughout the greater Fort Worth area. Healthcare delivery has changed significantly over the last three decades. As it continues to evolve, physician practices face growing challenges. Operational costs and administrative needs continue to increase, making it extremely difficult to focus on patient care. PPG Health was born out of the desire of this successful group of physicians to share their proven business practices and address the challenges physician practices face.

PPG Health Today

PPG Health is a rapidly growing integrated healthcare organization serving the Dallas- Fort Worth Area. Through partnerships with primary care and specialty practices, PPG serves the community with exceptional quality care and access to a wide variety of medical specialties. As a strategic business partner, PPG provides member physicians with proven, efficient business management and administrative services.

  • Credentialing & Licensing
  • Management of Employees
  • Billing & Collection
  • Centralized Scheduling System
  • Marketing
  • Innovative IT solutions